Supercharge your fleet operations

Track your fleet in real-time, and let your shop worry about maintenance.

  • See check engine lights and trouble codes
  • View your fleet’s location on a map
  • Live milage-based service reminders
  • Share diagnostic info with your favorite repair center

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How HoodHub Works

Plug the HubLink into the OBDII port of each vehicle

You receive diagnostic summaries and your partner shop’s insights into your vehicle’s health.

Your shop receives diagnostic data from the road.

You get alerted to upcoming maintenance needs before small issues become big problems.

Your shop gets the data it needs to proactively assist you.

Your shop can leverage data for accurate diagnoses and quick quotes for service.

You have peace of mind because you’re using HoodHub to keep your fleet on the road.

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Install HubLinks in each of your vehicles.


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Watch your vehicles last longer, retain their value, and work reliably for your business.

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