Real-Time Remote Diagnostics

Stay connected to all of your customers:

  • See Diagnostic Trouble Codes (DTC) in Real-Time
  • See all related Freeze Frames
  • Send Push Notifications related to services
  • Send actual Mileage-Based Service Reminders

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How HoodHub Works

Plug the HubLink into your customer’s OBDII port

Your shop receives diagnostic data from the road

Your customer receives helpful summaries, not confusing codes.

Your shop gets the data you need to proactively assist customers.

Your customer gets prompts to contact you before small issues become big problems.

Your shop can leverage data for accurate diagnoses and quick quotes for service.

Your customers leave with peace of mind because you’re using HoodHub to keep them on the road.

Diagnostics Revolutionized

Auto Shops Today:
Waste time and money shuffling a few expensive scanners between cars, just to find out what codes were thrown.
Auto Shops of the Future:
Get error codes via the cloud while their customers drive around town, saving everyone time and money.

Auto shops access diagnostic data in the Shop Console, an easy-to-use website that you can access from any computer or tablet.

  • More Data:
    Critical error codes are prioritized and ready for your expert interpretation and inspection.
  • Delivered Instantly:
    Instead of relying on your customers to notice when something goes wrong, you’ll know about their problems as they occur.
  • Available Anywhere:
    You can discover issues with your customers’ cars before they even drive to your shop.
  • Always efficient:
    The Shop Console is included with your HoodHub subscription and the HubLinks that feed it cost a tiny fraction of the laptops shops use today.

Drivers access data through an app on their smartphone to clarify the problem and connect them to your shop.

  • Useful Information:
    Instead of exposing error codes that make no sense to drivers, HoodHub simply identifies the area where the car has an issue.
  • Maintenance Reminders:
    Drivers get helpful maintenance reminders based on actual miles driven.
  • Configurable Notifications:
    Drivers can be notified of serious problems directly from the Shop Console.
  • Always Private:
    HoodHub guarantees data privacy and will never contact your customers directly.

Customer Relationship Management Reimagined

Auto Shops Today:
Are reactive, communicating with customers when they schedule appointments or running loss-leading ad campaigns for the opportunity to diagnose real issues.
Auto Shops of the Future:
Are proactive, assisting customers precisely when issues arise with their vehicle.

Auto shops can identify priority issues in the Shop Console and initiate communication with their customers with the push of a button. You’ll be empowered to:

  • Communicate proactively, personally, and intelligently to the customers who need to hear from you.
  • Fully take the position of a caring expert.
  • Stop wasting money on ad campaigns to customers whose cars don’t even need service.

Customers see their shops’ brand in the HoodHub app and can quickly access the shop contact information. They’ll always contact you because:

  • Your technology illuminated their car problem.
  • Your brand and contact information are always present.
  • You’ve got the data to efficiently find a solution.

Auto Service Redefined

Be the Auto Shop of the Future! With HoodHub, you’re not a call drivers have to make when their cars stop working. You’re the trusted expert who keeps cars healthy and customers happy–for the long haul. Power your shop with:

  • Tech-empowered customer connections
  • Cloud-based diagnostic data
  • Proactive, helpful communications
  • Superior service

We’re not sure when we’ll have flying cars. But when we do, your customers will take them to shops powered by HoodHub.

Get HoodHub

Get started in four easy steps.

Subscribe and order your HubLinks online.


Install HubLinks in your customers’ vehicles free of charge, and instruct them to download the HoodHub app.


Access your HoodHub Shop Console to get diagnostics in the cloud.


Watch your customers reward your proactive, expert care with their loyalty.

HubLink subscriptions start at $2 per unit, so you can have onboard diagnostics for all your customers. And the first 25 are free with your base subscription.

Our Guarantees

We will never use the HoodHub app to push your customers to other shops. The HoodHub app connects your customers to you! We’ll even put your logo at the top.

We will not use the HoodHub app to encourage customers to diagnose their own issues but to seek expert help–yours.

We will always protect your customers’ data.

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