Onboard Diagnostics You Can Trust


You’re a driver who likes to think you keep a well-maintained vehicle. You get regular oil changes, swap out clotted air filters, and even pay for the occasional transmission flush. And now, with HoodHub, you’ll be equipped with the data on what your car needs – before you even visit the mechanic.

Auto shops and parts stores have been plugging devices into cars for years and suggesting services to customers. That’s old news. HoodHub, however, offers something revolutionary. It comes in the form of a small device that plugs into your car, just beneath the dash, and feeds real-time data into your app, identifying any potential issues that need to be addressed, preventing you from facing expensive repairs – or worse, a breakdown.

If they know you have eyes on the health of their vehicle, you automatically become their go-to shop. Our customers don’t go anywhere else.
Co-owner, Erber Auto