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A Modern Onboard Diagnostic Tool


Your auto shop prides itself on excellent service that keeps drivers on the road in well-serviced vehicles. But you also understand that to maintain a competitive edge in a crowded market, you need the advantage of modern diagnostics, easy customer communication, and precise service–combined with a simple way to manage it all. HoodHub is that advantage.

HoodHub eliminates expensive diagnostic bottlenecks in your shop because the OBDII codes are available before the vehicle even arrives, with the data waiting in the HoodHub Console. This frees up your team to get straight under the hood, providing the most efficient, fast, and affordable service possible.

Simple Installation

step 1

Step One: The customer downloads the free HoodHub app onto their phone and enters the basic information as prompted.

step 2

Step Two: The app will prompt you to scan the code on the HubLink to associate that unique device with the customer’s phone.

step 3

Step Three: Plug the Hublink into the customer’s OBDII port and start the car. The HubLink will use Bluetooth to immediately begin sending data to the app on the associated phone and then on to your shop’s HoodHub Console.

Congratulations, you now have remote access to all the codes from this customer’s car.

Our OBDII Code Readers

Now you can stop shuffling a few heavy and expensive diagnostic tools from mechanic to mechanic in your shop during those last-minute Check Engine Light scan requests. HoodHub provides an affordable subscription model for code readers that stay plugged into your customers’ OBD ports, cementing the connection between auto shops and vehicle owners. As drivers go about their daily routines, they are alerted via the HoodHub app to contact your shop if any trouble codes are triggered. Since these codes are confusing those who have not been trained, we never expose the codes to the car owner. Simultaneously, your shop is alerted via the HoodHub Console concerning your customer’s specific vehicle issue.

Proactively contacting a driver before anything goes wrong with their vehicle is a powerful way to establish trust, provide an enhanced customer experience, increase retention, and grow your business.

The HoodHub Console

  • Your shop’s HoodHub console is available for you anytime, anywhere, and on just about any platform.
  • When a new code is thrown, that customer’s record will appear at the top of the page with a flag next to it. Simply click on the customer record to view the codes and the customer contact information. Show your customers you care by letting them know how urgent this new data is.
  • HoodHub diagnostics affords your shop many planning possibilities, such as leaving a slot in your schedule for the most severe issues, allowing customers the opportunity to deal with potentially detrimental car problems immediately.
  • You always know the state of your customers’ cars. They know you’re always watching out for their safety.
  • Remote diagnostics are at work in nearly every industry. It’s time the auto repair market got a share of the benefits.

Remote Diagnostics: The Future in Auto Care

Putting Your Customers at Ease

As with any new technology, your customers are going to have questions about HoodHub. You can point them to our Driver’s or How it Works pages, where we outline the advantages of using onboard diagnostics technology and explain that their data is private, that our readers are not equipped with GPS tracking, and how this technology will save them time and money and help them to maintain the overall health of their vehicles in the most efficient way possible.

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